Plant Care

How To Care for Your Affirmation Plant

Let’s start by cleaning off your plant 
Your plant cares about being hygienic just like you do! Grab a damp towel and wipe off the spines and leaves to make sure all the dust is off your plant.
( After you’ve built your plant ) Let’s find it an awesome resting spot
Your plant will need about 6 hours of light per day, so make sure it is placed in a place that it will be able to bask in the sunlight
Oh yeah, make sure to rotate your plant folks
Everything in moderation. Even though your plant loves sunlight, make sure to rotate the plant so that every side can get the same amount of love. Since succulents lean towards the sun, this will also help your plant to stand up straight. 
When watering your plant, pay attention to the season
During the spring and summer, your plant will need more water than the fall and winter seasons. One trick is to test the soil with your finger and if the top 1.25 inches is dry, you are all good to water. This is an important step because overwatering can result in your plant dying!
Water the soil a couple times a week
Remember to water the soil of your plant (no spray bottles!) until the soil is moist.  No need to over water your plant, just enough for a little thirst quench. 
Plant your succulent in the right soil
Here at Affirmation Plants, we got this part covered for you! The soil that comes with your plant is only the best. 
Get rid of those bugs!
Your plant doesn’t like bugs either. Gnats are attracted to overwatered soil, so solve this by making sure you’re watering your plant correctly. A trick to get rid of any eggs and larvae is to spray the soil with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Enjoy your plant!
Most importantly, enjoy your Affirmation Plant and make sure to take the time to let the affirmation add a little positivity to your busy life.