Mariah is a spunky, 12-year young entrepreneur who is full of joy. According to her dad, Brandon Green, she is one of the most fun-loving, family-oriented, gracious, humble, humorous and well-rounded kids you could ever imagine. Her dream of becoming an engineer one day is preceded by her athletic and academic accomplishments!  Gymnastics has been Mariah’s passion since she was a toddler. At such a tender age it brought so much joy to her heart that it led to her Olympic journey. Currently ranked in Southern California as the all-around silver medalist, Mariah’s 2019 gymnastic goals (but not her dreams) were brought to a temporary halt due to the current pandemic.  As the world continues to go through these trying times, rather than sit around and wait, Mariah was inspired to spread some love and joy by jumping in another way. She has created a start-up business from another passion of hers—the natural world. Because our country needs solidarity versus division now more than ever, Mariah cleverly decided to  put plant life and affirmations together in a way to inspire and support social justice in a peaceful manner. In case visitors to this website ask, “Why plants?” Mariah is quick to respond, “I chose plants because they are from the earth and they live forever.” Affirmations are our internal source of light and when connected together it’s “The gift that keeps on living.”

We thank you all so much for love & support.

Below are a list of Mariah’s Gymnastic accolades so far:

2018 AOGC (4) Spring Invite AA Champion

2018 AOGC (4) Spring Invite Bar Champion

2018 AOGC (4) Spring Invite vault Champion

2018 AOGC (4) Spring Invite Floor Champion & Beam Bronze medalist

2017 So California East Sectional Championships 10thAA

2017 So California East Sectional Floor Bronze medalist

2017 Pasadena Classic Vault Bronze medalist