Simms Group x Affirmation Plants

Simms Group x Affirmation Plants

Simms manager Brandon Green and his daughter Mariah make the perfect duo! Brandon has proudly explained Mariah’s project:

“We created a unique plant company that connects positive affirmations with nature and social media. Mariah, a spunky, humorous, joyful gymnastic champion with engineering aspirations, is starting her own business to literally plant some love and joy through her plant life company Affirmation Plants. Her love of Mother Earth, who graciously provides us with plants that regenerate forever, inspires guests on her website to participate with all those who wish to begin ‘planting affirmations that support our solidarity versus our division’. Mariah sees Affirmation Plants as our internal source of light and when connected together, she describes it as ‘the gift that keeps on living’.” 

This Thanksgiving at Tin Roof Bistro you will have the opportunity to purchase your customizable Affirmation Plant. Special for this holiday season, we will be featuring the

“Grateful Affirmation” in hopes to connect you with the warm family atmosphere we all have been missing this year. Starting November 2nd you can pre-order your plant for pick-up during the week of Thanksgiving, November 19th-26th. You can also click the link to our website and send an Affirmation Plant kit directly to a loved one or a friend TODAY!

Thank you so much for your support,

Brandon & Mariah