Meet Affirmation Plants

When you plant something, you create hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for others. We’re here to create that chain of hope — to affirm support, encouragement, friendship and love wherever and whenever it’s needed. It is our hope that your Affirmation Plant is the start of something special.  Send our Affirmation Plant kit to a loved one for them to craft by following the steps below. 

Step 1

Choose a plant, base options, colors and an affirmation.

Step 2

Load your favorite picture of yourself or of you and another person with a QR code linking you to that meaningful or sacred event.

Step 3

Let your plant recipient craft and put the plant together! Make sure your plant recipient pays it forward to the next person to keep the seeds of life growing.

Before & After

Word On The Street

You must try The Affirmation Plants. It is a great way to spread the love during these tough times!

Jess B

My friend loved her plant! Brought her the biggest smile. If you do not know what to get a friend or family member now you know!

Jen B

I’m addicted to giving these things. Who knew that something so simple could bring so much joy!

Sarah C

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